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427 describes some of the aspects of analysis for designs where multiple responses are collected. Because most experiments have this feature, understanding the opportunities and challenges for this situation is essential reading for practitioners. Chapter 13 is a collection of short sections on a number of other specialized designs, including screening,(More)
Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) is the most important plantation species in the southeastern United States and specific gravity (SG) is its most important wood quality trait. Analysis of annual ring SG of breast height (1.37 m) increment cores from 3957 trees representing 147 plantations across the species natural range showed that ring SG increases with(More)
For its second edition, Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling Using Stata has undergone a major revision. Authors Sophia Rabe-Hesketh and Anders Skrondal have expanded the book by 245 pages, thoroughly revised the existing chapters, and added three more. The result is much more than a software guide. Rather, they have produced a comprehensive, nontechnical(More)
In this article, we describe estimation and prediction methods for nonlinear modeling of forest growth variables that are subject to nested sources of variability. The multilevel nonlinear mixed-effects models that we consider are useful for a variety of forestry applications, but we concentrate on the problem of estimating, and making projections from,(More)
The current research examines the effects of time pressure on decision behavior based on a prospect theory framework. In Experiments 1 and 2, participants estimated certainty equivalents for binary gains-only bets in the presence or absence of time pressure. In Experiment 3, participants assessed comparable bets that were framed as losses. Data were modeled(More)
Ribosomal protein (RP) genes in eukaryotes are coordinately regulated in response to growth stimuli and environmental stress, thereby permitting cells to adjust ribosome number and overall protein synthetic capacity to physiological conditions. Approximately 50% of RNA polymerase II transcription is devoted to RP genes. The transcriptional regulator Rap1(More)
  • Olorunfemi Adetona, Kevin Dunn, Daniel B Hall, Gary Achtemeier, Allison Stock, Luke +2 others
  • 2011
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Hall (2000) has described zero-inflated Poisson and binomial regression models that include random effects to account for excess zeros and additional sources of heterogeneity in the data. The authors of the present paper propose a general score test for the null hypothesis that variance components associated with these random effects are zero. For a(More)
BACKGROUND With an increase in indoor smoking bans, many smokers smoke outside establishments and near their entrances, which has become a public health concern. OBJECTIVES We characterized the exposure of nonsmokers to secondhand smoke (SHS) outside a restaurant and bar in Athens, Georgia, where indoor smoking is banned, using salivary cotinine and(More)