Daniel B. Grünberg

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We study the integer sequence v n of numbers of lines in hypersurfaces of degree 2n − 3 of P n , n > 1. We prove a number of congruence properties of these numbers of several different types. Furthermore, the asymptotics of the v n are described (in an appendix by Don Zagier). An attempt is made at a similar analysis of two other enumerative sequences: the(More)
We prove the integrality of the open instanton numbers in two examples of counting holomorphic disks on local Calabi-Yau threefolds: the resolved conifold and the degenerate P 1 × P 1. Given the B-model superpotential, we extract by hand all Gromow-Witten invariants in the expansion of the A-model superpo-tential. The proof of their integrality relies on(More)
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