Daniel B. Botkin

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The conservation of biological diversity has become one of the important goals of managing forests in an ecologically sustainable way. Ecologists and forest resource managers need measures to judge the success or failure of management regimes designed to sustain biological diversity. The relationships between potential indicator species and total(More)
In starting a new journal about urban ecosystems, it is useful to review some of the dominant themes that have run through recent and historic discussions of cities as environments. Although concern with urban environmental issues may seem to be new, because of the great amount of attention paid during the past several decades to the negative aspects of(More)
Because of its high salinity and alkalinity, Mono Lake, in eastern California (USA), is a relatively simple ecosystem. It has become the focus of an environmental controversy over the effects of 50 yr of diversions of water from tributary streams to supply water to Los Angeles. Diversions lowered the lake level, increased the salinity, changed the(More)
Analyses of terrestrial sources of sodium and estimates of the sodium requirement of moose (Alces alces) on Isle Royale, Lake Superior, suggest that availability of the element controls the moose population. The terrestrial vegetation is very poor in the element, but, as elsewhere, submerged and floating leaved water-plants are relatively rich. Consumption(More)
For Frederick Steiner, Human Ecology is clearly a personal book. It is part travelogue, part scholarly prose, and part jour­ nal. The subtitle is Following Nature’s Lead, which it does, but the reader is “following Steiner’s lead.” His approach in examin­ ing the relevancy of human ecology to planning and design is not to tell us what to do or how to do it;(More)
This paper considers the needs and potentials for the development of the biosphere. An emphasis is placed on the unusual qualities of the biosphere, such as important time lags, interactions between life and its environment at large scales, and biological evolution, which has led to large scale changes in the environment during the Earth's history. These(More)