Daniel Araújo

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The purpose of this study was to analyze the informational constraints that influence the dynamics of 1v1 situations in football. Specifically, we analyzed the contribution of interpersonal distance and relative velocity to explain phase transitions that occurred between stable and unstable coordinative states in 1v1 in football. Participants were six, U13(More)
In a prospective study of untreated ocular hypertension 117 eyes were non-exfoliative and 20 eyes exfoliative. The percentage of optic disc pallor was significantly larger in the exfoliative than in the non-exfoliative group, whereas no significant differences were found in IOP or in the visual field.
The main goal of performance analysis in team sports has been the identification of data frequencies or sequences of actions in a temporal line, based on the assemblage of numerous discrete variables. This focus may be deemed as not displaying the foremost team sport feature, i.e., the dynamics of the interaction between two teams. In order to better(More)
This paper analyzes effects of different practice task constraints on heart rate (HR) variability during 4v4 smallsided football games. Participants were sixteen football players divided into two age groups (U13, Mean age: 12.4±0.5 yrs; U15: 14.6±0.5). The task consisted of a 4v4 sub-phase without goalkeepers, on a 25x15 m field, of 15 minutes duration with(More)
A central issue in the context of smart cities is how to analyze a large amount of data generated by different kinds of sources in real time. This paper reports a case study in real-time acquisition of crime detection information from social media messages, built on top of a plataform for fast processing and visualization of data from Twitter. The purpose(More)
Este trabalho descreve detalhadamente o efeito da quantidade de cério na estrutura e morfologia da zeólita NH4USY. Ce-USY (2-25% m/m de CeO2) foi obtido por impregnação úmida de CeCl3 seguida de calcinação a 550 oC por 8 h. Em quantidades baixas (2-10%), foi observado que as espécies de cério encontram-se nas posições de troca iônica na rede, enquanto em(More)
Pelvian lipomatosis is a proliferative process of fatty tissue in the perivesical and perirectal pelvian space. The etiology is unknown and some authors consider that in reality is a localized form of obesity. Diagnosis can be incidental, or be part of a sequence within a study for unspecific symptoms such as pelvian complains or perineal problems. As part(More)
Electrical properties of metal-semiconductor (M/SC) and metal/oxide/SC structures built with Zr or ZrO2 deposited on oxygen-terminated surfaces of (001)-oriented diamond films, comprised of a stack of lightly p-doped diamond on a heavily doped layer itself homoepitaxially grown on a Ib substrate, are investigated experimentally and compared to different(More)