Daniel Alonzo Dirksz

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In the presence of parameter uncertainty tracking control can result in significant tracking errors. To overcome this problem adaptive control is applied, which estimates and compensates for the errors of the uncertain parameters. A new adaptive tracking control scheme is presented for standard fully actuated port-Hamiltonian mechanical systems. The(More)
A dynamic extension for position feedback of portHamiltonian mechanical systems is studied. First we look at the consequences for the matching equations when applying Interconnection and Damping Assignment Passivity-Based Control (IDA-PBC). Then we look at the possibilities of asymptotically stabilizing a class of port-Hamiltonian mechanical systems without(More)
This work is devoted to a force control strategy of a class of standard mechanical systems in the port-Hamiltonian framework. First, a coordinate transformation is applied to equivalently describe the original port-Hamiltonian system in a port-Hamiltonian form which has a constant mass-inertia matrix in the Hamiltonian. Then, we show how to derive an(More)
In this paper we take a port-Hamiltonian approach to address the problem of image-based visual servo control of a pick and place system. We realize a closed-loop system, including the nonlinear camera dynamics, which is port-Hamiltonian. Although the closed-loop system is nonlinear, the resulting controller is a PD-type controller which only requires the(More)