Daniel Alison

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The aim of this study was to identify the origin of swallowing sound components by using modern techniques that can provide numeric, synchronized acoustic–radiologic data. We enrolled 15 volunteer subjects (10 men and 5 women, average age = 29.5 ± 8 years) and used an X-ray camera connected to a video acquisition card to obtain synchronized(More)
BACKGROUND A free-floating thrombus (FFT) is often considered to be a risk factor for pulmonary embolism (PE), despite adequate anticoagulation therapy, in patients with proximal deep venous thrombosis. METHODS Ninety-five patients underwent prospective assessment according to the presence (FFT group [n = 62]) or absence (occlusive thrombus group [n =(More)
Assessment of total and segmental colonic transit times (CTT) in man using a single type of radiopaque marker and one abdominal X-ray has been validated but not extensively studied. The aims of our prospective study were to establish normal values of this method as a function of age, gender and fiber intake in healthy subjects. Eighty-two healthy volunteers(More)
To prospectively compare the renal safety of meglumine gadoterate (Gd-DOTA)-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to a control group (unenhanced MRI) in high-risk patients. Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) scheduled for MRI procedures were screened. The primary endpoint was the percentage of patients with an elevation of serum creatinine(More)
There is a need to define the current indications for coronary CT angiography (CCTA) even as technology continuously evolves. CCTA using 64 MDCT units has shown to be highly accurate for diagnosis of stenoses >or=50% on selected populations. It is currently used for its negative predictive value (96-98%). Stenosis quantification remains inferior to(More)
Pancreatic injuries caused by blunt trauma are unusual but associated with a high morbidity and a high mortality because of a delay in diagnosis. Clinical and laboratory findings are non-specific. Accurate grading of blunt pancreatic injury with identification of pancreatic duct disruption helps to define practical treatment guidelines. Computed tomography(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES We compared the tolerance and efficacy of iohexol-300, a nonionic low-osmolar monomer, with those of ioxaglate-320, an ionic low-osmolar dimer, in lower limb phlebography. METHODS One hundred twenty inpatients were randomly divided into two groups in this double-blind comparative study. Two hundred milliliters of contrast medium(More)
BACKGROUND There is still lack of consensus regarding the most effective follow-up for stage I and II melanoma patients although some consensus conferences have provided guidelines stating that clinical examination should be the standard. OBJECTIVES Our aim was to study the value of adding ultrasound lymph node examination (7.5 MHz) to the routine(More)