Daniel Aguirre de Cárcer

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Rhizoremediation of organic chemicals requires high-level expression of biodegradation genes in bacterial strains that are excellent rhizosphere colonizers. Pseudomonas fluorescens F113 is a biocontrol strain that was shown to be an excellent colonizer of numerous plant rhizospheres, including alfalfa. Although a derivative of F113 expressing(More)
Viruses have unique properties, small genome and regions of high similarity, whose effects on metagenomic assemblies have not been characterized so far. This study uses diverse in silico simulated viromes to evaluate how extensively genomes can be assembled using different sequencing platforms and assemblers. Further, it investigates the suitability of(More)
Viruses constitute the most abundant biological entities and a large reservoir of genetic diversity on Earth. Despite the recent surge in their study, our knowledge on their actual biodiversity and distribution remains sparse. We report the first metagenomic analysis of Arctic freshwater viral DNA communities and a comparative analysis with other freshwater(More)
OBJECTIVE Mercaptopurine (MP) and pro-drug azathioprine are 'first-line' oral therapies for maintaining remission in IBD. It is believed that their pharmacodynamic action is due to a slow cumulative decrease in activated lymphocytes homing to inflamed gut. We examined the role of host metabolism, lymphocytes and microbiome for the amelioration of colitis by(More)
Línea 2: Especiación y " zonas híbridas ". Línea 5: Citoquímica de la cromatina y de ácidos nucleicos. Línea 6: Genes de predisposición y de respuesta a la quimioterapia implicados en el desarrollo del cáncer colorrectal. Línea 7: Genética y Biología celular del cáncer: linfomas linfoblásticos T. Susceptibilidad genética en enfermedades psiquiátricas(More)
Antarctica harbours a remarkably diverse range of freshwater bodies and terrestrial ecosystems, where microbial mats are considered the most important systems in terms of biomass and metabolic capabilities. We describe the presence of lysis plaque-like macroscopic blighted patches within the predominant microbial mats on Livingston Island (Antarctic(More)
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