Daniel Adrian Ciobanu

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In a lichen sample collected from a tree in Bârlad town (Vaslui County, Romania), a new tardigrade species belonging to the genus Milnesium (granulatum group) was found. Milnesium berladnicorum sp. n. is most similar (in the type of dorsal sculpture) to Milnesium beasleyi Kaczmarek et al., 2012 but differs from it mainly by having a different claw(More)
In 31 samples of mosses and lichens collected in the Argentinean province of Río Negro, 657 tardigrades, 53 exuviae and 219 free-laid eggs were found. In total, 20 species were identified: Diphascon chilenense, Dip. mitrense, Echiniscus bigranulatus, Ech. corrugicaudatus, Ech. merokensis merokensis, Ech. testudo, Hebesuncus mollispinus, Hypsibius(More)
In three lichen samples collected from eastern part of Romania, three populations of Ramazzottius cf. oberhaeuseri (Doyère, 1840) infested by Pyxidium tardigradum Van der Land 1964 were found. In this short correspondence we present a first record of P. tardigradum in Romania and infestation rates in studied populations according to the different life(More)
In two moss and lichen samples collected in Romania, two new eutardigrade species were found. Milnesium dornensis sp. nov. belongs to the granulatum group and differs from most of other species in this group mainly by having a different claw configuration ([3-3]-[3-3]) and by some morphometric characters. Minibiotus diversus sp. nov. is very similar to M.(More)
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