Daniel Abergel

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Fluctuations of NMR resonance frequency shifts and their relation with protein exchanging conformations are usually analyzed in terms of simple two-site jump processes. However, this description is unable to account for the presence of multiple time scale dynamics. In this work, we present an alternative model for the interpretation of the stochastic(More)
In this paper some effects of dynamical coupling between two interaction-carrying vectors on the internal auto- and cross-correlation functions are investigated in the limit of small amplitude motions. A linearized Langevin approach allows the derivation of explicit expressions for these correlation functions and for the corresponding order parameters.
In this article, we present a clustering method of atoms in proteins based on the analysis of the correlation times of interatomic distance correlation functions computed from MD simulations. The goal is to provide a coarse-grained description of the protein in terms of fewer elements that can be treated as dynamically independent subunits. Importantly,(More)
In this article, a formal expression for the conformational entropy of a bond vector in a protein is derived using the networks of coupled rotators model for the description of internal dynamics. Analytical relationships between NMR order parameters and conformational entropies are derived, and the possibility to extract the latter from NMR experiments is(More)
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