Daniel A Turner

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Ventricular catheter placement is a common procedure for the management of increased intracranial pressure. Hypotheses regarding the etiology of infection of catheters center on two alternative assumptions: 1) contamination leading to infection occurs at the time of catheter insertion, implying that catheter duration has minimal effect on infection risk;(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare fMRI activation during two visual stimulation paradigms in Parkinson disease (PD) subjects with chronic visual hallucinations vs PD patients who had never hallucinated. METHODS Twelve pairs of PD subjects, matched for age, PD duration, and dopaminergic drug exposure duration, participated in this study. The authors examined group(More)
A retrospective study of 567 patients treated for surgical stage I endometrial cancer was undertaken to resolve the controversy over the significance of malignant peritoneal cytology findings in early-stage disease. Twenty-eight women (4.9%) had peritoneal cytology positive for malignant cells. Comparisons were made between the groups with positive and(More)
This study describes a detailed cable model of neuronal structure, which can predict the effects of discrete transient inputs. Neurons in in vitro hippocampal slices (CA1 and CA3 pyramidal cells and dentate granule neurons; n = 4 each) were physiologically characterized and stained with horseradish peroxidase (HRP). The HRP morphology was approximated with(More)
Forty-two patients treated for in situ vulvar cancer at two institutions participated in structured assessment interviews and completed questionnaires to examine postoperative sexual, marital, and psychological adjustment. Patient responses were compared with a matched sample of gynecologically healthy women. The results indicated a specific pattern of(More)
Dendritic shaft (Zd) and spine (Zsp) input impedances were computed numerically for sites on hippocampal neurons, using a segmental format of cable calculations. The Zsp values for a typical spine appended onto a dendritic shaft averaged less than 2% higher than the Zd values for the adjacent dendritic shaft. Spine synaptic inputs were simulated by a brief(More)
An extensive physiological literature, including experimental and clinical studies in humans, demonstrates that activation of the medial olivocochlear (MOC) efferent system, by either contralateral sound or electrical stimulation, can produce significant alterations in cochlear function and suggests a role for the MOC system in influencing the auditory(More)
One hundred four premenopausal women, 42 years of age or less, with early stage carcinoma of the cervix had surgical management with ovarian retention. Eighty-two had ovarian transposition performed at the time of exploration for radical hysterectomy or staging lymphadenectomy because of known or possible need for radiation therapy. Twenty-two had radical(More)
A 30-year review of primary ovarian sarcomas seen at The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and a review of the literature are presented. Stage at presentation and resectability were the most significant prognostic indicators. Most recurrences appeared outside the pelvis, indicating a need for systemic chemotherapy. With aggressive treatment, patients(More)