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BACKGROUND The dynorphin (DYN)/kappa-opioid receptor (KOR) system undergoes neuroadaptations following chronic alcohol exposure that promote excessive operant self-administration and negative affective-like states; however, the exact mechanisms are unknown. The present studies tested the hypothesis that an upregulated DYN/KOR system mediates excessive(More)
Temporal events, while often discrete, also have interesting relationships within and across times: larger events are often collections of smaller more discrete events (battles within wars; artists' works within a form); events at one point also have correlations with events at other points (a play written in one period is related to its performance over a(More)
mSpace Mobile is an application that provides access to location-based information while on the move. Especially applicable to those unfamiliar with their surroundings, the application provides information about topics of chosen interest, based upon the location, as determined by an optional GPS receiver. Described below are both the context+zoom user(More)
The state of the art in human interaction with computational systems blurs the line between computations performed by machine logic and algorithms, and those that result from input by humans, arising from their own psychological processes and life experience. Current socio-technical systems, known as "social machines" exploit the large-scale interaction of(More)
SUMMARY 1. The location of arterial baroreceptors was studied in unanaesthetized Trachydosaurus rugosus by inflation of strategically placed perivascular cuffs. There was no evidence for baroreceptors at the site homologous with the carotid sinus of mammals or at the site homologous with the aortic arch baroreceptors of mammals and birds. The baroreceptors(More)
D id ballot measures banning same-sex marriage swing the 2004 general election to George W. Bush? In 2004, activists and state legislators placed anti-gay marriage questions on the general election ballots of 11 states. All of the ballot measures passed easily, receiving on average roughly 70 percent support. 1 Pundits argued that the marriage measures on(More)
Vannevar Bush proposed the memex as a means to support building knowledge in the way he says the human brain works: by association. Achieving this vision has been a core motivation for hypertext research. In this paper, we suggest first that Bush's memex reflects an interaction paradigm rather than system design. Second, we propose that Semantic Web(More)
Previously, it was shown that ethanol-dependent animals display increased sensitivity to the general opioid receptor antagonist nalmefene compared to naltrexone. It was hypothesized that the dissociable effects of the two antagonists were attributable to a κ-opioid receptor mechanism. Nucleus accumbens dynorphin is upregulated following chronic ethanol(More)
mSpace: improving information access to multimedia domains with multimodal exploratory search If you do not know much about classical music, how do you discover what you might like? The first port of call for most people is to Google "classical music." This returns a list of links to sites that provide textual descriptions of terms or times in the classical(More)
Previously, it had been shown that lesions of cerebral 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)-containing neurons and injections of drugs affecting 5-HT synthesis or receptor mediated function would alter amphetamine self-administration in the rat. The present study sought to ascertain whether diets enriched in L-tryptophan (L-TRY), the amino acid precursor to 5-HT,(More)