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mSpace: improving information access to multimedia domains with multimodal exploratory search If you do not know much about classical music, how do you discover what you might like? The first port of call for most people is to Google "classical music." This returns a list of links to sites that provide textual descriptions of terms or times in the classical(More)
Temporal events, while often discrete, also have interesting relationships within and across times: larger events are often collections of smaller more discrete events (battles within wars; artists' works within a form); events at one point also have correlations with events at other points (a play written in one period is related to its performance over a(More)
The state of the art in human interaction with computational systems blurs the line between computations performed by machine logic and algorithms, and those that result from input by humans, arising from their own psychological processes and life experience. Current socio-technical systems, known as "social machines" exploit the large-scale interaction of(More)
Vannevar Bush proposed the memex as a means to support building knowledge in the way he says the human brain works: by association. Achieving this vision has been a core motivation for hypertext research. In this paper, we suggest first that Bush's memex reflects an interaction paradigm rather than system design. Second, we propose that Semantic Web(More)
The information processing capabilities of humans enable them to opportunistically draw and integrate knowledge from nearly any information source. However, the integration of digital, structured data from diverse sources remains difficult, due to problems of heterogeneity that arise when data modelled separately are brought together. In this paper, we(More)
Dominant mutations or DNA amplification of tyrosine kinases are rare among the oncogenic alterations implicated in prostate cancer. We demonstrate that castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) in men exhibits increased tyrosine phosphorylation, raising the question of whether enhanced tyrosine kinase activity is observed in prostate cancer in the absence(More)
We discuss three approaches, 3store, D2R and MySQL, we have explored to support efficient querying of multimedia data sources via mSpace, a rich UI. Our results underline key research challenges facing the development of high performance RDF query layers to support complex real-time UIs.
Musicologists have to consult an extraordinarily heterogeneous body of primary and secondary sources during all stages of their research. Many of these sources are now available online, but the historical dispersal of material across libraries and archives has now been replaced by segregation of data and metadata into a plethora of online repositories. This(More)
Portraying matters as other than they truly are is an important part of everyday human communication. In this paper, we use a survey to examine ways in which people fabricate, omit or alter the truth online. Many reasons are found, including creative expression, hiding sensitive information, role-playing, and avoiding harassment or discrimination. The(More)