Daniel A. Goodman

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UNLABELLED Exercise alone or in combination with environmental heat stress can elevate blood S-100beta protein concentrations. However, the explanatory power of exercise with marked environmental heat stress on the appearance of S-100beta is questionable. It is possible that the process of heat acclimation might afford additional insight. PURPOSE(More)
This study determined whether a torso-vest forced ambient air body ventilation system (BVS) reduced physiological strain during exercise-heat stress. Seven heat-acclimated volunteers attempted nine, 2-h treadmill walks at 200 W m−2 in three environments, −40°C, 20% rh (HD), 35°C, 75% rh (HW), and 30°C, 50% rh, (WW) wearing the Army Combat Uniform,(More)
A survey of radiation dose and compressed breast thickness was conducted in samples of women undergoing mammography in the United Kingdom National Health Service breast screening programme. The aims were to determine the average value and distribution of dose and thickness, and to identify technical difficulties in carrying out such a survey. Values of(More)
UNLABELLED The impact of prior heat stress on subsequent aerobic exercise-heat performance has not been studied. PURPOSE To determine whether prior heat stress degrades subsequent aerobic exercise performance in the heat. METHODS Eighteen nonheat acclimated males were trained (four practice trials) on an aerobic exercise performance test in 22 degrees C(More)
Sweat prediction equations are often used outside their boundaries to estimate fluid requirements and generate guidance. The limitations associated with these generalized predictions have not been characterized. The purposes of this study were to: (1) evaluate the accuracy of a widely used sweat prediction equation (SHAP) when widening it’s boundaries to(More)
The Institute of Medicine expressed a need for improved sweating rate (msw) prediction models that calculate hourly and daily water needs based on metabolic rate, clothing, and environment. More than 25 years ago, the original Shapiro prediction equation (OSE) was formulated as msw (g.m(-2).h(-1))=27.9.Ereq.(Emax)(-0.455), where Ereq is required evaporative(More)
Protective vests worn by global security personnel, and weighted vests worn by athletes, may increase physiological strain due to added load, increased clothing insulation and vapor resistance. The impact of protective vest clothing properties on physiological strain, and the potential of a spacer garment to reduce physiological strain, was examined. Eleven(More)
PURPOSE The validity and the reliability of using intestinal temperature (T int) via ingestible temperature sensors (ITS) to measure core body temperature have been demonstrated. However, the effect of elapsed time between ITS ingestion and T int measurement has not been thoroughly studied. METHODS Eight volunteers (six men and two women) swallowed ITS 5(More)
X-ray machines used for mammography have, until recently, almost exclusively employed molybdenum (Mo) as anode material and filtration. In the UK, the RMI model 232 kVp meter is used extensively for the measurement of kilovoltage on such equipment. This unit is provided with switchable internal calibration only for molybdenum and molybdenum, or tungsten and(More)