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Serum proteomic pattern diagnostics is an emerging paradigm employing low-resolution mass spectrometry (MS) to generate a set of biomarker classifiers. In the present study, we utilized a well-controlled ovarian cancer serum study set to compare the sensitivity and specificity of serum proteomic diagnostic patterns acquired using a high-resolution versus a(More)
Mitochondria mediate dual metabolic and Ca(2+) shuttling activities. While the former is required for Ca(2+) signalling linked to insulin secretion, the role of the latter in β cell function has not been well understood, primarily because the molecular identity of the mitochondrial Ca(2+) transporters were elusive and the selectivity of their inhibitors was(More)
Prostate Zn(2+) concentrations are among the highest in the body, and a marked decrease in the level of this ion is observed in prostate cancer. Extracellular Zn(2+) is known to regulate cell survival and proliferation in numerous tissues. In spite of this, a signaling role for extracellular Zn(2+) in prostate cancer has not been established. In the present(More)
Surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) filters have been generally accepted as the best available choice for timing recovery in repeatered transoceanic fiber transmission systems operating in the range of 300 Mbit/s as well as in other digital transmission systems operating from approximately 0.1 to 1 or 2 Gbit/s. The SAW tqhnology is ready and reliable, filter sue is(More)
Successful transmission of live (real time) video traffic is demonstrated using a prototype 100 Gb/s single-polarization differential quadrature phase shift keying (DQPSK) transmitter and receiver over an in-service 504 km link of the LambdaXtreme ® optical transport platform. Teaming with Verizon Business, we demonstrate the feasibility of upgrading an(More)
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is an aggressive hematologic malignancy characterized by extremely heterogeneous molecular and biologic abnormalities that hamper the development of effective targeted treatment modalities. While AML cells are highly sensitive to cytotoxic Ca2+ overload, the feasibility of Ca2+- targeted therapy of this disease remains unclear.(More)
BACKGROUND In Switzerland, 30% of HIV-infected individuals are diagnosed late. To optimize HIV testing, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) updated 'Provider Induced Counseling and Testing' (PICT) recommendations in 2010. These permit doctors to test patients if HIV infection is suspected, without explicit consent or pre-test counseling;(More)