Daniel A. Eisenberg

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Igor Linkov,†,* Daniel A. Eisenberg,‡ Matthew E. Bates,† Derek Chang,‡ Matteo Convertino,‡,▽ Julia H. Allen, Stephen E. Flynn, and Thomas P. Seager †Environmental Laboratory, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, Mississippi 39180-6199, United States ‡Contractor to the Environmental Laboratory, U.S. Army Engineer Research and(More)
Current research policy and strategy documents recommend applying life cycle assessment (LCA) early in research and development (R&D) to guide emerging technologies toward decreased environmental burden. However, existing LCA practices are ill-suited to support these recommendations. Barriers related to data availability, rapid technology change, and(More)
We investigate the emergence of extreme events in interdependent networks. We introduce an inter-layer traffic resource competing mechanism to account for the limited capacity associated with distinct network layers. A striking finding is that, when the number of network layers and/or the overlap among the layers are increased, extreme events can emerge in(More)
The robustness of individual networks depends upon their interdependent counterparts, as initiating failures can cascade across diverse systems. Understanding the ways in which interdependent links across multilayer networks influence systemic failures is a crucial first step to develop broadly influential resilience recommendations for realworld(More)
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