Daniel A. C. Silva

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Medium access control (MAC) protocols manage energy consumption on the network element during communication, which is the most energy-consuming event on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). One method to mitigate energy consumption is to adjust transmission power. This paper presents two approaches to adjust transmission power in WSNs. The first approach(More)
The new challenges in the field of Health and Safety at Work require the implementation of more comprehensive and participatory interventions, in order to have a real impact on the working conditions. Matriosca Model has sought over the years to involve workers in the construction of new working conditions, promoting transformation through training and(More)
BACKGROUND Suicide mortality rates are increasing among teenagers. AIM To study the prevalence and predictive factors of suicide attempts among Chilean adolescents. MATERIAL AND METHODS A random sample of 195 teenagers aged 16 ± 1 years (53% males) answered an anonymous survey about their demographic features, substance abuse, the Osaka suicidal(More)
While much information is available on pedagogic uses of virtual worlds, with Second Life being the most common virtual world platform in current educational literature, an organization must consider its presence in this environment as more than the mere sum of individual educational efforts. Resources need to be shared between educational stakeholders,(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify nurses perceptions of Advance Directives (AD) and to analyse the influence of experience with AD on their perception. MATERIAL AND METHODS Quantitative, descriptive, correlational study conducted in a hospital in central Portugal with a sample of 139 nurses, aged 20-60 and in which 78.4% are women and 74% are under 40 years of age. A(More)
BACKGROUND Suicidal behavior ranges from ideation to consummation of suicide. In Chile, rates of suicide increased from 4.8 to 12.7/100,000 in the period 1992-2009. AIM To evaluate the prevalence of suicidal behavior and its relationship with sociodemographic factors and psychiatric diseases. MATERIAL AND METHODS The Composite International Diagnostic(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the practices reported by health professionals on hand hygiene; To determine how the practices of hand hygiene are related to socio-demographic and professional variables and variables in the context of practice. MATERIAL AND METHODS A descriptive-correlational and cross-sectional study conducted in a hospital in central Portugal, in(More)
Deforestation in the Amazon has expanded since the Brazilian government began promoting the occupation of the region in the late 1960's. Since the late 1970's Brazil has enacted policies against deforestation with mixed results. By 2008, 15% of the original forest had been cleared. The debate about climate change, however, has facilitated policies and(More)
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