Daniel A Alexander

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Increasing active transportation to and from school may reduce childhood obesity rates in Hawai'i. A community partnership was formed to address this issue in Hawai'i's Opportunity for Active Living Advancement (HO'ĀLA), a quasi-experimental study of active transportation in Hawai'i County. The purpose of this study was to determine baseline rates for(More)
This article emphasizes the need to adopt a rigorous approach to the establishment of staff support groups. They are too important to be allowed to materialize without careful consideration of their aims, methods and composition. As a method of combating work-related stress they have a role to play, but it cannot be assumed that they will fulfil this role(More)
This study investigated by means of questionnaires and semi-structured interviews some of the major sources of stress for palliative care nurses and how they deal with these. The nurses' replies were related to a general measure of health. Irrespective of their shifts, duties, and training, the nurses in two units specializing in palliative care shared very(More)
  • D A Alexander
  • The British journal of general practice : the…
  • 1990
Disasters can have long term and damaging effects on survivors. In addition, those who are involved in disaster work, such as rescue and medical personnel, may become hidden victims. Different kinds of psychological assistance can be provided but this must be systematic and well organized. Professional help should supplement and facilitate community,(More)
This study compares terminally ill patients and their family caregivers in terms of the physical and emotional status of the patients, the adequacy of the support provided for the patients and where the patients would be most appropriately placed during the last stage of their lives. Patients and caregivers shared similar views about the latter, but there(More)
  • D A Alexander
  • Burns : journal of the International Society for…
  • 1993
There have been considerable advances in the physical management of burns, and there is a greater awareness of their psychological impact. However, much less attention has been given to the staff who have to deal with burn victims. Disasters are critical incidents which offer a magnified opportunity to appreciate with what care-givers have to cope and how(More)
A covert method of assessing perception of health in relation to menstruation was applied prospectively to a group of women aged 20 to 40 years. Of the 1386 randomly selected women contacted, 838 (60%) provided information for the full study period of six weeks and 608 of these respondents menstruated during that time. A clear excess of women demonstrated(More)
A large representative sample of women of child bearing age in five urban practices were asked to complete two measures to record premenstrual changes in their health. The first method was a daily health record which sought to disguise the fact that the focus of the study was premenstrual changes while the second method was a conventional, retrospective(More)
General practitioners' views about premenstrual symptoms and about the women who suffer from them were sought by means of a postal questionnaire. An hormonal aetiology was favoured by the majority of the doctors and significantly more female than male doctors held this view. There was a diversity of opinion about the most appropriate management; the most(More)
This study compares the perceptions of problem drinking and preferred explanations for problem drinking held by 440 undergraduate students in the United States and 185 in Scotland. Respondents' drinking habits influenced perceptions of drinking problems in both nations. The Scottish sample, with drinking habits statistically controlled, was less likely to(More)