Danica Richterová-Kučerová

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The objective of this study was to determine the effect of silicon (Si) and cadmium (Cd) on root and shoot growth and Cd uptake in two hydroponically cultivated Brassica species (B. juncea (L.) Czern. cv. Vitasso and B. napus L. cv. Atlantic). Both species are potentially usable for phytoextraction. Inhibitory effects of Cd on root elongation were(More)
Biologically active galactoglucomannan oligosaccharides (GGMOs) alone or in combination with IBA stimulate primary root elongation and inhibit hypocotyl elongation in mung bean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) seedlings. For a more detailed view of GGMOs effect in these processes, the present work is focused on cell growth in selected tissues (epidermis and(More)
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