Danica Hogan

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OBJECTIVE To establish whether acutely unwell patients admitted to hospital wish to participate in discussions about resuscitation. DESIGN Prospective, cross sectional study of a successive cohort of patients. SETTING Admission through the emergency department. PARTICIPANTS 374 adult patients. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE Whether acutely unwell patients(More)
—Molt is a metabolically demanding process in the annual cycle of birds, particularly for species that undergo simultaneous remigial molt because nutritional and energetic costs occur during a short period. Birds that molt remiges simultaneously utilize many different body-mass and foraging strategies to meet the nutritional and energetic costs of remigial(More)
Postbreeding survival of waterfowl is rarely quantified, despite potential for constraints during this stage of the annual cycle that may subsequently affect population dynamics. We estimated survival of radio-marked adult male Barrow’s goldeneyes (Bucephala islandica) during remigial molt and fall staging at Cardinal and Leddy Lakes in the Boreal(More)
We quantified the duration and phenology of remigial molt of Barrow’s Goldeneyes (Bucephala islandica) in northwestern Alberta, Canada. We estimated that the remiges’ average (± SE) growth rate was 3.94 ± 0.13 mm day–1, slightly slower than that of most waterfowl. Barrow’s Goldeneyes regained flight with the ninth primary 77% grown, a percentage similar to(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the frequency of anterior pharyngeal pouch formation after total laryngectomy, and to discuss the causes and consequences of anterior pharyngeal pouch formation. STUDY DESIGN A prospective, observational study of 43 patients undergoing total laryngectomy. METHODS Data collected included laryngeal defect closure type, tumour staging(More)
—Sites where Barrow’s Goldeneye (Bucephala islandica) undergo remigial molt and fall staging are poorly known, with only two major sites documented in Alaska and the Yukon Territory. Satellite telemetry, aerial surveys and ground surveys were used to identify previously unknown molting and fall staging areas in the Boreal Transition Zone (BTZ) of northern(More)
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