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The objectives of the study were: (i) to elaborate an ethogram of the rat's behaviour during the hot plate test, (ii) to analyse the rat's responses to the nociceptive heat stimulus by using ethological techniques, and (iii) to discern the suitable pattern or patterns to evaluate the rat's reaction to the noxious stimulus. Male Wistar rats (n = 30) were(More)
Animals were assigned to two groups: weekly stimulated (WS, n = 30) and daily stimulated (DS, n = 30). Three hot plate tests (55.0 +/- 0.5 degree C, 45 s exposure time) were carried out for each rat. Behavior was videotaped and analyzed by a 14-pattern ethogram and a software package. A cluster analysis revealed that naive rats mainly displayed: i)(More)
A partner preference paradigm, stud male vs estrous female, was used to study sexual behavior. Ovariectomized Wistar rats received bilateral electrolytic (n = 33) or sham (n = 16) lesion of the nucleus accumbens. Animals were tested in two different experimental situations, either with stimulus animals tethered (test with possibility of mating) or with(More)
Ovariectomized Wistar rats received bilateral electrolytic (n = 24) or sham (n = 11) lesion of the nucleus accumbens. Following priming with estradiol benzoate (25 micrograms/rat) and progesterone (0.5 mg/rat) they were tested for sexual behavior with a stud male. Tests were carried out once prior to operation and twice postoperatively. Both lordosis and(More)
After horseradish peroxidase injections in the superior colliculus of the rat, labelled cells were found in the pars reticulata of the substantia nigra. Nigrotectal cells are organized in a band beginning in the ventromedial area of the rostral part of pars reticulata, while at caudal levels they occupy a more lateral position, closely packed near the(More)
No published epidemiologic data on multiple sclerosis (MS) in Qatar exist. Our objectives were to determine the prevalence, demographics and clinical characteristics of MS in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar. We analyzed data for Qatari MS patients fulfilling the McDonald diagnostic criteria. A total of 154 patients fulfilled the inclusion criteria. On(More)
Behavior in accumbens-lesioned male Wistar rats during paired encounters was assessed by several parameters, scores and cluster analysis based on similarity between patterns. Encounters were videotaped and analyzed by an ethogram and a software package previously elaborated. Residents were lesioned (n = 23) or sham operated (n = 10). A reactivity score was(More)