Danial J. Neebel

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 This paper is the follow up to a work-in-progress paper presented at FIE 2001 that proposed an objective-based pedagogy in a first programming course. The goal of the project was to develop specific objectives for the students to achieve in a first course in programming and to assess the students directly against those objectives. Each student's grade in(More)
– A challenge facing many educators is providing assignments in a realistic context that achieve the specified learning objectives. Integrating real-world scenarios in one's curriculum can be challenging. We present a new integrated exercise sequence using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) involving both assembly language and high-level language software(More)
Cache memory performance analysis is a challenging topic upon first introduction. Students must synthesize a significant amount of computer architecture knowledge, comprehend reasonably complex replacement strategies, and analyze performance. We propose a programming exercise that has students develop a visual cache memory simulator and then use the(More)
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