Danial Forman

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OBJECTIVES To study the morbidity of radical cystectomy and radical radiotherapy in the treatment of patients with invasive carcinoma of the bladder and to report the long-term survival following these treatments. PATIENT AND METHODS 398 patients with invasive carcinoma of the bladder treated between 1993 and 1996 in the Yorkshire region were studied. Of(More)
Whereas traumatic lateral dislocation of the patella is a well-described clinical entity, other types of patellar dislocations, specifically those that involve patellar rotation, are unusual. These rare types also present a therapeutic problem in which reduction often requires a general anesthetic and, possibly, an open procedure. A 16-year-old boy(More)
Perineural fibrosis and scarring of superficial nerves can occu r secondary to chronic frictional forces. This results in a tender lump in the nerve and hyperesthesia of the area of its distribution. Bowler's thumb is a well known entity which involves the ulna side digital nerve of the thumb at the level of the MP joint. This article describes a perineural(More)
We describe a unique case of a patient with a reversible paraneoplastic motor neuronopathy who presented with hypercapnic respiratory failure. The patient developed progressive respiratory and limb muscle weakness until treated with removal of a renal cell carcinoma, which was followed by a complete resolution of neuromuscular symptoms. The literature of(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research has demonstrated that exercise intolerance in heart failure patients is associated with significant alterations in skeletal muscle ultrastructure and oxidative metabolism that may be more consequential than cardiac output. DESIGN To examine the effect of exercise training on skeletal muscle mitochondrial size in chronic heart(More)
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