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A set of 36 pnicogen homo- and heterodimers, R3E···ER3 and R3E···E′R′3, involving differently substituted group Va elements E = N, P, and As has been investigated at the ωB97X-D/aug-cc-pVTZ level of theory to determine the strength of the pnicogen bond with the help of the local E···E′ stretching force constants k(a). The latter are directly related to the(More)
Rhodamine B (RhB) is widely used in chemistry and biology due to its high fluorescence quantum yield. In high concentrations, the quantum yield of fluorescence decreases considerably which is attributed to the formation of RhB dimers. In the present work, a possible mechanism of fluorescence quenching in RhB dimers is investigated with the use of(More)
The Tolman electronic parameter (TEP) derived from the A1-symmetrical CO stretching frequency of nickel-tricarbonyl complexes L-Ni(CO)3 with varying ligands L is misleading as (i) it is not based on a mode decoupled CO stretching frequency and (ii) a generally applicable and quantitatively correct or at least qualitatively reasonable relationship between(More)
Bond anomalies have been investigated for a set of 53 molecules with either N-F, Ti-P, Cr-H, Pb-C, or Pb-F bonds for which reverse rather than inverse bond length-bond strength relationships have been previously claimed. The intrinsic strength of each bond investigated was determined utilizing the associated local stretching force constant obtained at the(More)
Vibrational frequencies can be measured and calculated with high precision. Therefore, they are excellent tools for analyzing the electronic structure of a molecule. In this connection, the properties of the local vibrational modes of a molecule are best suited. A new procedure is described, which utilizes local CC stretching force constants to derive an(More)
A set of 42 molecules with N-F, O-F, N-Cl, P-F, and As-F bonds has been investigated in the search for potential bond anomalies, which lead to reverse bond length-bond strength (BLBS) relationships. The intrinsic strength of each bond investigated has been determined by the local stretching force constant obtained at the CCSD(T)/aug-cc-pVTZ level of theory.(More)
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