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Encyclopedia of Jewish Folklore and Traditions
beyond the United States (Germany, Central Europe) and within the American Hasidic world. The final chapter looks at examples that link Yiddish musical expression to new soundscapes such as HipHop.Expand
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Raphael Patai, Jewish Folklore, Comparative Folkloristics, and American Anthropology
My discussion traces the early career of Raphael Patai (1910–1996) as it began in Palestine in the 1930s and developed in the United States in the 1940s and early 1950s. Patai’s career demonstratesExpand
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From Leipzig to Jerusalem: Erich Brauer, a Jewish Ethnographer in Search of a Field
Abstract Erich Brauer (1895–1942) was born in Berlin, where he was active in the Jung Juda youth-movement. A talented graphic artist, he was trained as an ethnologist in Leipzig and is best knownExpand
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Max Grunwald and the Formation of Jewish Folkloristics: Another Perspective on Race in German-Speaking Volkskunde
While in German folkloristics the concepts of Rasse and Volk were intertwined, Jewish-German folkloristics developed in very different ways as its concept of Jewish Volk opposed any racialExpand
Zionist Folkloristics in the 1940s–1950s: Diasporic Cultures and the Question of Continuity
Abstract:This article examines the development of Zionist folkloristics in the 1940s when two separate scholarly organizations were formed: Yeda Am Society in Tel Aviv and The Palestine Institute ofExpand