Dani Kogan

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The recovery of a signal from the magnitude of its Fourier transform, also known as phase retrieval, is of fundamental importance in many scientific fields. It is well known that due to the loss of Fourier phase the problem in one-dimensional (1D) is ill-posed. Without further constraints, there is no unique solution to the problem. In contrast, uniqueness(More)
We investigate lensless endoscopy using coherent beam combining and aperiodic multicore fibers (MCF). We show that diffracted orders, inherent to MCF with periodically arranged cores, dramatically reduce the field-of-view (FoV), and that randomness in MCF core positions can increase the FoV up to the diffraction limit set by a single fiber core, while(More)
Multicore fiber bundles are widely used in endoscopy due to their miniature size and their direct imaging capabilities. They have recently been used, in combination with spatial light modulators, in various realizations of endoscopy with little or no optics at the distal end. These schemes require characterization of the relative phase offsets between the(More)
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