Daniëlla W. E. Roofthooft

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Finding the optimal pharmacological treatment of a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) in preterm neonates remains challenging. There is a growing interest in paracetamol as a new drug for PDA closure. In this prospective observational cohort study, we evaluated the effectiveness of intravenous paracetamol in closing a PDA in very low birth weight infants with a(More)
OBJECTIVE To study whether new pharmacological and nonpharmacological guidelines lowered numbers of painful procedures in neonates and changed the amount and frequency of analgesic therapy as compared to the results of our previous study in 2001. DESIGN A prospective observational study. SETTING Level III NICU of the Erasmus MC-Sophia Children's(More)
The aim of this prospective, observational study was to assess transplacental transmission of ketanserin, an antihypertensive drug used in pre-eclampsia, and to determine disposition and effects in the neonate after maternal ketanserin use. In 22 pregnant women with severe pre-eclampsia, admitted to the antenatal ward in the period 1999-2001, the ratio of(More)
Information on transfer of drugs and metabolites into placental blood and breast milk is based on modelling, animal experiments and clinical observations due to lack of experimental evidence in humans.Wedescribe the use of doxazosin in a pregnant woman with a phaeochromocytoma. Treatment of a phaeochromocytoma in pregnancy consists of α-adrenergic receptor(More)
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