Daniël W Steyn

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BACKGROUND Mild to moderate hypertension during pregnancy is common. Antihypertensive drugs are often used in the belief that lowering blood pressure will prevent progression to more severe disease, and thereby improve outcome. OBJECTIVES To assess the effects of antihypertensive drug treatments for women with mild to moderate hypertension during(More)
BACKGROUND Pre-eclampsia/eclampsia are leading causes of maternal mortality and morbidity, particularly in low- and middle- income countries (LMICs). We developed the miniPIERS risk prediction model to provide a simple, evidence-based tool to identify pregnant women in LMICs at increased risk of death or major hypertensive-related complications. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND A recent meta-analysis has proven that metformin (M) is highly effective for ovulation induction in the clomiphene citrate (CC)-resistant patient. There is uncertainty whether M should be introduced as a primary ovulation induction agent in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). METHODS We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the outcome of babies of mothers with severe rhesus (Rh) incompatibility treated by elective delivery when the amniotic optical density at 450 nm crossed Whitfield's action line (group 1), by plasmapheresis and immunotherapy (group 2) or by means of intra-uterine intravascular transfusions (group 3). STUDY DESIGN A retrospective(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the safety and outcome of women undergoing expectant management of early onset, severe pre-eclampsia. DESIGN Prospective case series extending over a five-year period. SETTING Tygerberg Hospital, a tertiary referral centre. POPULATION All women (n = 340) presenting with early onset, severe pre-eclampsia, where both the mother and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine maternal and perinatal outcomes with expectant management of severe pre-eclampsia in the mid-trimester, using a defined entry point. DESIGN Prospective case series. Thirty-nine women admitted from 24 to 27 week's gestation with severe pre-eclampsia, whose pregnancies were otherwise stable, were managed expectantly with careful(More)
BACKGROUND An increase in various congenital abnormalities associated with cigarette smoking and the use of alcohol during pregnancy has been reported in many studies. These exposures also increase the risk of pregnancy complications such as abruptio placentae, unexplained stillbirth, preterm labor and intrauterine growth restriction. However, very few(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to evaluate the current data to understand the impact of intramural leiomyomata on pregnancy outcome in assisted reproduction. PATIENTS AND METHODS In this review, articles were found by means of computerized Medline and Cochrane Library search using the key words uterine myomata, leiomyomata, fibroids, implantation,(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the optimal way to manage patients with premature rupture membranes after 34 weeks' gestation. DESIGN A prospective, randomised controlled trial comparing immediate induction and delayed induction after 24 - 48 hours. SETTING Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town. PARTICIPANTS Seventy consecutive patients with premature rupture of the(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies suggest that the occurrence of pre-eclampsia is seasonally distributed. This retrospective study aims to determine whether there is a seasonal variation in the number of admissions and the prevalence of women with pre-eclampsiain Tygerberg Hospital, South Africa. METHODS The number of women admitted with a diagnosis of(More)