Danièle Hérin

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Within the framework of course-assisted creation, we are developing a prototype whose goal will be to enrich an ontology of teaching concepts. To do that, we automatically query search engines with key words extracted from pages that were previously analysed (beginning with an ontology which treats on a hierarchical basis the first keywords). This analysis(More)
The objective of our work is to provide some aid to the maintenance of a web site. The webmaster would like to get a semantic follow-up of the users' browsing, but he only has at disposal a set of statistical tools that indicate the frequency of one page visits but on no account by semantic aggregation of concepts. In this article, after having presented(More)
This paper aims to help a teacher to improve its course by using semantic information.For it, we supply to the teacher a means to evaluate his on-line course with regard to the student browsing..So, we can reveal various types of problems and propose a referential or a conceptual revision of the course.The learning phases, and so knowledge acquired with by(More)
In the process of extracting knowledges, an important step is to complete request which need to extract information. In the context of Web Services, completing a complex request means calling many Web Services. They are characterized by their heterogeneity since they are built independently from the context of their use. To compose them, we need to consider(More)