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Rhizoctonia solani is a major fungal pathogen of rice (Oryza sativa L.) that causes great yield losses in all rice-growing regions of the world. Here we report the draft genome sequence of the rice sheath blight disease pathogen, R. solani AG1 IA, assembled using next-generation Illumina Genome Analyser sequencing technologies. The genome encodes a large(More)
— This paper considers joint schedule and resource allocation in downlink cooperative OFDMA systems with multiple sources, multiple relays and a single destination. Each user has individual QoS requirements and the relays operate in amplify-and-forward and half-duplex mode. We try to find optimal power allocation, relay selection and subcarrier assignment(More)
The fundamental limit of wireless communication is the tradeoff between efficiency and reliability. In order to improve system efficiency and reliability simultaneously, we have to create and explore new degrees of freedom. Multi-domain collaboration can be regarded as a systematic approach to solve this issue. From a broader and higher perspective,(More)
Traditional congestion control protocols assume that each link provides a fixed capacity, while it is not always the case in wireless networks which have shared and variable medium. In this paper, we incorporate variable link capacity as a function of resource allocated, and random-access interference model dependent on physical location, in addition to(More)
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