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This investigation tries to determine if, for highly visible journals, namely Nature, Science and Cell, articles with a short editorial delay time generally, receive more citations than those with a long editorial delay. Based on data for the period from 2005 to 2009, it is found that there is a clear, although statistically weak, tendency for an inverse(More)
Based on the network comprised of 111,444 keywords of library and information science that are extracted from Scopus, and taken into consideration the major properties of average distance and clustering coefficients, the present authors, with the knowledge of complex network and by means of calculation, reveal the small-world effect of the keywords network.(More)
To better understand the distribution of words in all kinds of syntactic structures, the paper calculates the word distribution in syntactic structures of both English and Chinese. On the basis of the calculation, the article presents the definition of the words’ syntactic distribution complexity. After arranging the Chinese and English words according to(More)
Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) has been widely applied for sequence modeling. In RNN, the hidden states at current step are full connected to those at previous step, thus the influence from less related features at previous step may potentially decrease model’s learning ability. We propose a simple technique called parallel cells (PCs) to enhance the(More)
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