Danh C. Do

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PTEN is a tumor suppressor gene mutated in human cancers. Although many mutations target the phosphatase domain, others create a truncated protein lacking the C-terminal PDZ-binding motif or a protein that extends beyond the PDZ-binding motif. Using the yeast two-hybrid system, we isolated a membrane-associated guanylate kinase family protein with multiple(More)
Arenaviruses are the causative pathogens of severe hemorrhagic fever and aseptic meningitis in humans, for which no licensed vaccines are currently available. Pathogen heterogeneity within the Arenaviridae family poses a significant challenge for vaccine development. The main hypothesis we tested in the present study was whether it is possible to design a(More)
Chronic wounds have a large impact on health, affecting ∼6.5 M people and costing ∼$25B/year in the US alone. We previously discovered that a genetically modified mouse model displays impaired healing similar to problematic wounds in humans and that sometimes the wounds become chronic. Here we show how and why these impaired wounds become chronic, describe(More)
By 2025, more than 500 M people worldwide will suffer from diabetes; 125 M will develop foot ulcer(s) and 20 M will undergo an amputation, creating a major health problem. Understanding how these wounds become chronic will provide insights to reverse chronicity. We hypothesized that oxidative stress (OS) in wounds is a critical component for generation of(More)
Proper healing of cutaneous wounds progresses through a series of overlapping phases. Nonhealing wounds are defective in one or more of these processes and represent a major clinical problem. A critical issue in developing treatments for chronic wounds is the paucity of animal models to study the mechanisms underlying the defects in healing. Here we show(More)
Arenaviruses and hantaviruses cause severe human disease. Little is known regarding host proteins required for their propagation. We identified human proteins that interact with the glycoproteins (GPs) of a prototypic arenavirus and hantavirus and show that the lectin endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-Golgi intermediate compartment 53 kDa protein (ERGIC-53), a(More)
Two distinct regions of the large serine recombinase TnpX are required for DNA binding and biological function. of adrenomedullin mRNA is altered with gestation and labour in human placenta and fetal membranes. Increased adrenomedullin protein content and mRNA expression in human fetal membranes but not placental tissue in pre-eclampsia. expression,(More)
Bioinformatics tools: Experienced in common bioinformatics packages and tools, especially next generation sequencing data manipulation and analysis software (2011 – present)-Automated discovery of interesting biological features using multiple genomic time series (ongoing)-Quality based merging of draft genome assemblies (ongoing)-De Novo assembly of(More)
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