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According to [1], cloud computing is one of ICT core areas in the next five years. The computing paradigm also is a research trend that has attracted strongly scientist community. Until now, there are many studies, which have focused on saving energy for servers in cloud systems. During the operation process of cloud data center, idle servers bring about(More)
Histone proteins are subject to various posttranslational modifications (PTMs). Elucidating their functional relationships is crucial toward understanding many biological processes. Bayesian network (BN)-based approaches have shown the advantage of revealing causal relationships, rather than simple cooccurrences, of PTMs. Previous works employing BNs to(More)
In comparison with other scaling techniques, forecast of workload and resource consumption brings a great advantage to SaaS operations in cloud environment because system knows early and precisely the number of resources must be increased or decreased. However, the prediction accuracy still needs to be improved further even though there are many research(More)
This paper presents our research on automatic question classification for Vietnamese using machine learning approaches. We have experimented with several machine learning algorithms utilizing two kinds of feature groups: bag-of-words and keywords. Our research focuses on two most important tasks which are corpus building and features extraction by crawling(More)
Cloud computing took a step forward in the efficient use of hardware through virtualization technology. And as a result, cloud brings evident benefits for both users and providers. While users can acquire computational resources on-demand elastically, cloud vendors can also utilize maximally the investment costs for data centers infrastructure. In the(More)
Reliable transport protocols are necessary in the Internet world due to the underlying physical network. Network packets can be lost, misordered, delayed, or duplicated for a variety of reasons, all of which can corrupt the data that arrives at the destination. A key improvement can be made with some of the Video Dial Tone (VDT) systems is the communication(More)
This article describes a minimal and modular TINA-compliant DPE Kernel architecture which allows the construction and connguration of DPE instances tailored to the speciic needs of their environment and which provides the necessary handles for the execution of real-time applications with end-to-end QoS constraints. The proposed architecture features a(More)
Original approval signatures are on file with the Graduate School and the University of Oregon Libraries. Neurogenesis in Drosophila and mammals requires the precise integration of spatial and temporal cues. In Drosophila, embryonic neural progenitors, called neuroblasts, sequentially express the transcription factors Hunchback, Kruppel, Pdml/Pdm2 (Pdm) and(More)
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