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Abstract Early growth response gene 1 (Egr1), a zinc finger transcriptional factor, plays an important role in regulating cell proliferation, differentiation and angiogenesis. Current data have shown that Egr1 is involved in follicular development, ovulation, luteinization and placental angiogenesis. However, the expression, regulation and function of Egr1(More)
Runx1 transcription factor is a key developmental regulator. However, little is known about the effects of Runx1 on embryo implantation and decidualization. The aim of this study is to examine the expression and regulation of Runx1 in mouse uterus during the peri-implantation period. There was no evident Runx1 mRNA signal on days 1–4 of pregnancy. On day 5(More)
Angiogenesis is necessary for successful implantation and decidualization. This study was to investigate the differential expression of angiopoietin-3 (Ang-3) in mouse uterus during early pregnancy and its regulation by steroid hormones using in situ hybridization and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). There was no detectable Ang-3(More)
Although Hmgn5 is involved in the regulation of cellular proliferation and differentiation, its physiological function during decidualization is still unknown. Here we showed that Hmgn5 was highly expressed in the decidual cells. Silencing of Hmgn5 expression by specific siRNA reduced the proliferation of uterine stromal cells and expression of Ccnd3 and(More)
Parathyroid-hormone-related peptide (PTHrP) is an important regulator of chondrocyte differentiation in growth plates but little is known about its role in deer antler cartilage. The aim of the present study was to use the deer antler as a model to determine the possible role of PTHrP in regulating chondrocyte differentiation of deer antler. PTHrP and its(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Hmgn2 is involved in regulating embryonic development, but its physiological function during embryo implantation and decidualization remains unknown. METHODS In situ hybridization, real-time PCR, RNA interference, gene overexpression and MTS assay were used to examine the expression of Hmgn2 in mouse uterus during the pre-implantation(More)
The title compound (common name: sclaral), C16H28O2, is a sclareolide derivative, which was synthesized from sclareolide itself. In the mol-ecule, the two six-membered rings, A and B, of the labdane skeleton adopt chair conformations and the five-membered O-containing heterocyclic ring C displays an envelope conformation, with the methine C atom of the(More)
The title compound, C23H35NO2, is an amide derivative of the lactone (+)-sclareolide, and was synthesized from natural sclareol. In the mol-ecular structure, the two six-membered rings (A and B) of the labdane skeleton are trans-fused, and adopt chair conformations. There is an intra-molecular N-H⋯O hydrogen bond present forming an S(7) ring motif. In the(More)
Although Runx2 is involved in the regulation of cellular differentiation, its physiological roles in the differentiation of uterine stromal cells during decidualization still remain unknown. The aim of this study was to examine the expression, regulation and function of Runx2 in mouse uterus during decidualization. The results showed that Runx2 was highly(More)
Although Hmgn3 is involved in the regulation of development and cellular differentiation, its physiological roles on decidualization are still unknown. Here we showed that Hmgn3 was highly expressed in the decidua and decidualizing stromal cells. Overexpression of Hmgn3 variants, Hmgn3a or Hmgn3b, enhanced the expression of decidualization markers Prl8a2(More)