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User modeling helps information systems know about their user behavior to provide better services. An educational social network, called SoNITS, has been developed for IT students. This paper introduces an ontology-based student model that is used in SoNITS. Issues about constructing and managing student models are discussed. Applications that utilize these(More)
Process logs are increasingly being represented using XML based templates such as MXML and XES. Popular XML data mining techniques have had limited application to directly mine such data. The majority of work in the process mining field focuses on process discovery and conformance checking tasks often utilizing visualization and simulation based techniques.(More)
Tree-structured data are popular in many domains making structural classification an important task. In this paper, an associative classification method is introduced based on a structure preserving flat representation of trees. A major difference to traditional tree mining techniques is that subtrees are constrained by the position in the original trees,(More)
Hernia uteri inguinalis (HUI) is one of the rarest causes of male pseudo-hermaphroditism worldwide. We report the case of a 49-year-old male with discovery of this anomaly during inguinal hernia repair. A 49-year-old man presented to the clinic for recurrent inguinal hernia with enlarging left scrotum consistent with hydrocele on imaging. Upon exploration(More)
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