Danfeng Zhao

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Mammalian spermatogenesis is a classic adult stems cell-dependent process, supported by the self-renewal and differentiation of spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs). However, the identification of SSCs and elucidation of their behaviors in undisturbed testis has long been a big challenge. Here, we generated a knock-in mouse model, Id4-2A-CreERT2-2A-tdTomato,(More)
Although an improvement of hierarchical text classification can be achieved by using hierarchical structure information, existing hierarchical text classification methods suffer from two problems: data skew (especially in large-scale hierarchy) and error propagation. In this paper, we first define the concept of path-based semantic vector for the(More)
Recent business process models have elevated data representation to the same level as control flows under the influence of SOA. Artifact-centric business process is focus on entities used by businesses to record information pertinent to their operations. In this paper, a rounded approach to accomplish an artifact-centric business process is present, and the(More)
Businesses and other organizations increasingly rely on business process management, and a data-centric approach to workflow has emerged that are centered on “artifacts”. This approach introduced by IBM focuses on data records, known as artifacts, that correspond to key business relevant objects, and that flow through a business process(More)
How to improve query efficiency in cryptograph database is an essential problem in database encryption technology. As one kind of methods for improving cryptograph query efficiency in database, existing cryptograph index technologies suffer from two main problems: low query hit rate and lack of information disclosure measures. In this paper, we propose a(More)
Database-as-a-Service(DAS)model is a new data management model which allow users to outsource their data to database service providers(DSP). Since data is stored in cryptograph form at DSP, the query efficiency becomes a critical problem. Existing solutions for this problem concentrate mostly on cryptograph index technology. In this paper, according to(More)
One of the new trends in BPM is data-centric. Business artifact is a data entity which records the business process. The approach based on artifact becomes a focus in the research of BPM. Lifecycle is a key character of artifact. Whether a business process can satisfy the defined artifact lifecycle is an important property to be checked out. In this paper,(More)
Continuous phase modulations (CPM) form a class of constant envelop signalling formats that are efficient both in power and bandwidth, which are suitable for satellite communications, deep space communications, mobile communications and so on. In spite of the great advantage, current CPM applications are still limited because of implementation complexity(More)