Danette Waller McKinley

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Standardized patient examinations are being used for high-stakes decisions (e.g., graduation, licensure, and certification) with growing frequency. Concurrently, research on methods to determine the passing score for these types of performance-based assessments has increased. A wide variety of approaches have been considered in the past several years, many(More)
Although studies have been conducted to examine the effects of a variety of factors on the comparability of scores obtained from standardized patient examinations (SPE), little research has been conducted to specifically investigate the challenge of detecting drift in case difficulty estimates over time, particularly for large-scale, performance-based,(More)
The ECFMG Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) was developed to evaluate whether graduates of international medical schools (IMGs) are ready to enter graduate training programs in the United States. The patient note (PN) exercise is specifically used to assess a candidate's ability to summarize and synthesize the data collected in a simulated patient interview.(More)
QUESTION When should one see a callus on a follow-up radio-graph of a fracture? SOLUTION SEARCH STRATEGY A MEDLINE search was performed (1966 to present, limited to the English language and about humans) on the following medical subject heading (MeSH) terms: callus + fracture, callus + radiology, fracture, ununited. Also, leading orthopedic texts were(More)
In order to review the strengths and weaknesses of medical biochemistry practical curriculum for undergraduates and to generate ideas to improve it, a questionnaire was sent to 50 biochemistry faculty members selected (through simple random sampling method) from 42 medical colleges of Maharashtra, India. 39 responded to the questionnaire, representing a 78%(More)
Due to the high-stakes nature of medical exams it is prudent for test agencies to critically evaluate test data and control for potential threats to validity. For the typical multiple station performance assessments used in medicine, it may take time for examinees to become comfortable with the test format and administrative protocol. Since each examinee in(More)
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