Danelle C. Shah

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The medicinal plants used in Indian system of medicine and its distribution in Jammu and Kashmir has been categorized systematically here. The paper deals with 246 medicinal plants and has to off-set an index which is not there so far.Out of 246 medicinal plants 12 plants are considered to be controversial. Substitutes, Adulterants of these plants which are(More)
In this paper, scalable collaborative human-robot systems for information gathering applications are approached as a decentralized Bayesian sensor network problem. Human-computer augmented nodes and autonomous mobile sensor platforms are collaborating on a peer-to-peer basis by sharing information via wireless communication network. For each node, a(More)
This paper introduces a novel planning and estimation framework for maximizing information collection in missions involving cooperative teams of multiple autonomous vehicles and human agents, such as those used for multi-target search and tracking. The main contribution of this work is the scalable unification of effective algorithms for distributed(More)
A fully probabilistic command interface for controlling robots using multi-stroke sketch commands is presented. Drawing from prior work in handwriting recognition, sketches are modeled as a variable duration hidden Markov model, where the distributions on the states and transitions are learned from training data. A forward search algorithm on the gesture,(More)
A novel method for controlling a mobile robot using qualitative inputs in the context of an approximate map, such as one sketched by a human, is presented. By defining a desired trajectory with respect to observable landmarks, human operators can send semi-autonomous robots into areas for which a truth map is not available. Waypoint planning is formulated(More)
Escalating demand of higher data rate in progressive generations for wireless environment involve work towards modification of modulation schemes over air interface. Beginning from TDMA/FDMA/CDMA based 2nd generation to highly complicated Orthogonal FDMA (OFDMA), Single Carrier FDMA (SC-FDMA), Interleaved FDMA (IFDMA) and Multicarrier CDMA (MC-CDMA) which(More)
Kesar has been an important ingredient of the recipes of our ancient physicians in the field of Indian systems of medicine and its cultivation is a monopoly of Jammu and Kashmir. This paper presents in detail the historical review, botanical description, vernacular names, distribution in India and world, cultivation, collection, preservation and storage,(More)
Network science is often used to understand underlying phenomena that are reflected through data. In real-world applications, this understanding supports decision makers attempting to solve complex problems. Practitioners designing such systems must overcome difficulties due to the practical limitations of the data and the fidelity of a network abstraction.(More)