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The Technological Fix Criticisms and the Agricultural Biotechnology Debate
A common tactic in public debates over science and technology is to dismissively label innovations as mere technological fixes. This tactic can be readily observed in the long debate overExpand
Transforming The "Market-Model University": Environmental Philosophy, Citizenship And The Recovery of the Humanities
This paper addresses the problem of the declining status of philosophy and the humanities in higher education. These events have given rise to discussions of the "corporatization" of higher educationExpand
Science and the Consequences of Mistruct: Lessons from Recent GM Controversies
It will be argued that the underlying problem is the current institutional structure of science, particularly in the United States, and if thediagnosis is correct, then the proper course oftreatment is to pursue a program of institutional reconstruction. Expand
Follow-up study on the effects on well chemistry from biological and chemical remediation of chlorinated solvents.
A series of water quality tests performed in this investigation revealed that the bioremediation processes did not introduce any unexpected chemistry and chemical treatment using Fenton's reagent did not result in any long-term changes in the well chemistry. Expand
Detailed thermodynamic analysis of the activation parameters for the simple hydrolysis of acetic anhydride in the acetonitrile/water cosolvent system
A detailed thermodynamic analysis of the activation parameters for the simple hydrolysis of acetic anhydride in an acetonitrile/water cosolvent system is presented. The activation parameters areExpand
Titania-hydroxypropyl cellulose thin films for the detection of peroxide vapors.
The high sensitivity and rapid response of these films make them a promising material for use as a sensitive peroxide detector. Expand
Iron-rich Oklahoma clays as a natural source of chromium in monitoring wells.
Water samples, drawn from groundwater monitoring wells located southeast of Oklahoma City, OK, were found to contain elevated concentrations of total chromium with an apparent source localized to the area surrounding each well, indicating that the source of the chromium is the suspended solids. Expand
Sodium cobalt(II) tetrasulfophthalocyanine and catalytic oxidation of ethanethiol
Abstract The oxidation of thiols in petroleum is a subject of ongoing research, discussion and removal of sulfur is a topic of ongoing legislation. The Merox® process requires high pressures andExpand