Dane Morgan

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The characterization of native point defects in ZnO is still a question of debate. For example, experimental evidence for ZnO with an excess of Zn is inconclusive as to whether the dominant defects are metal interstitials or oxygen vacancies. This information is essential to understand the behavior of the material and to tailor its numerous technological(More)
The structure, function, stability, and many other properties of a protein in a fixed environment are fully specified by its sequence, but in a manner that is difficult to discern. We present a general approach for rapidly mapping sequences directly to their energies on a pre-specified rigid backbone, an important sub-problem in computational protein design(More)
Electronic structure calculations were performed to study the role of misfit dislocations on the structure and chemistry of a metal/oxide interface. We found that a chemical imbalance exists at the misfit dislocation which leads to dramatic changes in the point defect content at the interface - stabilizing the structure requires removing as much as 50% of(More)
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