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The Magic Mountains: Hill Stations and the British Raj
Perched among peaks that loom over heat-shimmering plains, hill stations remain among the most curious monuments to the British colonial presence in India. In this engaging and meticulouslyExpand
The Mau Mau War in Perspective
Although Mau Mau was militarily crushed in the mid-fifties, the struggle for land rights was only contained in Kenya's post-independence era. Kikuyu squatters on European estates who formed theExpand
British Exploration in the Nineteenth Century: A Historiographical Survey
This article examines the historiography on nineteenth-century British exploration, tracing major themes in the scholarship on the subject. It credits the work of Edward Said, Mary Louise Pratt, andExpand
Using Manhattan distance and standard deviation for expressed sequence tag clustering
An explosion of genomic data in recent years has necessitated the novel application of old algorithms and the development of new algorithms in order to process and understand this information. OneExpand
Mad tales from the Raj : the European insane in British India, 1800-1858
Ex Oriente Lux - the light of the Orient madness and the politics of colonial rule ideological positions bureaucracy, corruption and public opinion the sick, the poor, and the mad administrativeExpand
The Highly Civilized Man: Richard Burton and the Victorian World
Introduction 1. The Gypsy 2. The Orientalist 3. The Impersonator 4. The Explorer 5. The Racist 6. The Relativist 7. The Sexologist 8. The Afterlife A Note on Sources Notes Acknowledgments Index