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Systems Engineering Resiliency: Guiding Tradespace Exploration within an Engineered Resilient Systems Context
Abstract Engineered Resilient Systems (ERS) is a Department of Defense (DoD) program focusing on the effective and efficient design and development of complex engineered systems across theirExpand
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An Object-oriented and Executable SysML Framework for Rapid Model Development☆
This paper introduces Cortex, a new framework to develop object-oriented and executable SysML models using the IPython Notebook4. The framework strives to create a succinct and intuitive PythonExpand
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Stochastic Agent-Based Analysis of UAV Mission Effectiveness
The investigation of stochastic agent based simulations adds new difficulties to exploring design spaces and analyzing the results. These simulations no longer fulfill the requirements ofExpand
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Identification of Product Family Platforms Using Pattern Recognition
In product family design the goal is to generate a set of lowest cost products that target specific market niches. Sharing components, called platforms, between different products can minimizeExpand
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4.3.3 Integrated Toolset and Workflow for Tradespace Analytics in Systems Engineering
Complex system development, especially in the context of large-scale military acquisition programs, requires integrated systems engineering tools to enable effective exploration of the designExpand
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