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BACKGROUND There are no country-based data focused on aspirin (ASA)-exacerbated respiratory disease (AERD) in Turkey. OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence of AERD in adult patients with asthma. METHODS A structured questionnaire was administered via face-to-face interview by a specialist in pulmonology/allergy at seven centres across Turkey. RESULTS A(More)
BACKGROUND Allergy is associated with considerable morbidity. OBJECTIVE The aim of this multicenter study was to provide insight into allergy knowledge and perceptions among the population. METHODS During the World Allergy Day, several allergy clinics conducted public meetings to encourage the awareness of and education in allergy. At the beginning,(More)
We report a case of a laryngectomized patient who accidentally aspirated a wooden stick through his tracheal stoma in highly unusual circumstances. He was in a habit of cleaning secretions of upper airway with a wooden stick covered with cotton on the tip soaked in olive oil, via tracheostomy. After applying topical aerolized lidocaine spray through the(More)
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