Dane Cheasley

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UNLABELLED Cyclin E1 is essential for the reentry of quiescent cells into the cell cycle. When hypomorphic mutant Myb mice (Myb(Plt4)) were examined, it was noted that Cyclin E1 (Ccne1) expression was reduced. Furthermore, the induction of Ccne1 in recovering intestinal epithelia following radiation-induced damage was ablated in Myb-mutant mice. These data(More)
The gastrointestinal (GI) epithelium is constantly renewing, depending upon the intestinal stem cells (ISC) regulated by a spectrum of transcription factors (TFs), including Myb. We noted previously in mice with a p300 mutation (plt6) within the Myb-interaction-domain phenocopied Myb hypomorphic mutant mice with regard to thrombopoiesis, and here, changes(More)
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