Dandan Zhu

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We demonstrate a generative model that incorporates word-pair connection into the smoothed LDA model to intuitively discover people's wish related activities. The widely used model, LDA topic model, generally generates clusters in the form of separate words. However, this form is not intuitive enough to express people's activities. Therefore, we consider(More)
Nanocathodoluminescence reveals the spectral properties of individual InGaN quantum wells in high efficiency light emitting diodes. We observe a variation in the emission wavelength of each quantum well, in correlation with the Si dopant concentration in the quantum barriers. This is reproduced by band profile simulations, which reveal the reduction of the(More)
We propose a topic model capable of generating tri-layer clusters, each of which is composed of a topic layer, an activity layer and a word layer. The objective is to better predict activities involved in documents by considering general topics of the activities for clustering. The proposed model is a supervised topic model based on the Latent Dirichlet(More)