Dandan Zhao

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A new audiogenic seizure (AGS)-susceptible strain of rats (P77PMC) was evaluated as a possible model of human febrile seizures. The long-term effects of experimental febrile seizures were observed. All 30-day-old rat pups exhibited clonic seizures during exposure to an ambient temperature of 45 +/- 0.5 degree C. The mean latency from the beginning of the(More)
Several studies have implicated the substantia nigra GABAergic system in the mediation of seizures in adult rats. The present study examines whether the different GABA receptors (GABAA and GABAB), are preferentially involved in this GABAergic seizure suppression mechanism. Adult rats were intranigrally infused with muscimol (GABAA receptor agonist),(More)
A kindling-like effect was produced by exposing 30-day-old rats to repeated hyperthermia-induced seizures. Naive audiogenic seizure (AGS)-susceptible rats (P77PMC) were easier to be kindled than AGS-resistant rats (Wistar). This hyperthermic kindling model may be used to study the outcome and mechanisms of human febrile seizures. The mechanisms underlying(More)
During the formation of the neuromuscular junction, the nerve induces the clustering of acetylcholine receptors (AChR) in the postsynaptic membrane. This process can be mimicked by treating cultured Xenopus myotomal muscle cells with basic polypeptide-coated latex beads. Using this bead-muscle coculture system, we examined the role of lateral migration of(More)
To investigate the relationships between carbamazepine (CBZ) concentrations in serum and the brain, and the anticonvulsive efficacy in kainic acid (KA) induced seizures in rats, adult Wistar rats (n=25) were intraperitoneally given 40 mg/kg CBZ, followed by 15 mg/kg KA (n=20) or saline (control, n=5). At 90 min after the injection, CBZ concentrations in 5(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to examine the association between serum level of chemerin with AIS and carotid artery atherosclerosis, and to investigate the level of chemerin as a potential novel cerebrovascular risk factor. MATERIAL AND METHODS We compared the serum chemerin levels and cerebrovascular parameters between 70 AIS patients and 70(More)
A new animal model for epilepsy was successfully produced by microinjection of cobaltous chloride into the lateral cerebral ventricle of the rat. The median convulsive dose (CD50) and the median lethal dose (LD50) of CoCl2 was 0.45 microM/10 microliters (0.27-0.77 microM/10 microliters) and 1.07 microM/10 microliters (0.73-1.57 microM/10 microliters),(More)
We investigated age-related changes in electroencephalographic (EEG) coupling of theta-, alpha-, and beta-frequency bands during bottom-up and top-down attention. Arrays were presented with either automatic "pop-out" (bottom-up) or effortful "search" (top-down) behavior to younger and older participants. The phase-locking value was used to estimate coupling(More)
We examined the influence of different emotional cues (happy or sad) on temporal attention (short or long interval) using behavioral as well as event-related potential recordings during a Stroop task. Emotional stimuli cued short and long time intervals, inducing 'sad-short', 'sad-long', 'happy-short', and 'happy-long' conditions. Following the intervals,(More)
PURPOSE LAMA2-related muscular dystrophy (LAMA2 MD) is an autosomal recessive inherited disease caused by LAMA2 gene mutation. The spectrum of the phenotype is expanding in recent years partially due to the definitive diagnosis of molecular genetics. We investigated the phenotype and genotype in a LAMA2 MD family manifesting as limb-girdle muscular(More)