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Impulsive differential equations, which arise in physics, population dynamics, economics, and so forth, are important mathematical tools for providing a better understanding of many real-world models, we refer to [1–5] and the references therein. About the applications of the theory of impulsive differential equations to different areas, for example, see(More)
The study of the free idempotent generated semigroup IG(E) over a biordered set E has recently received a deal of attention. Let G be a group, let n ∈ N with n ≥ 3 and let E be the biordered set of idempotents of the wreath product G ≀ Tn. We show, in a transparent way, that for e ∈ E lying in the minimal ideal of G ≀ Tn, the maximal subgroup of e in IG(E)(More)
In this paper we investigate the existence of positive solutions of the following nonlinear semipositone fourth-order two-point boundary-value problem with second derivative: u(t) = f(t, u(t), u′′(t)), 0 ≤ t ≤ 1, u′(1) = u′′(1) = u′′′(1) = 0, ku(0) = u′′′(0), where −6 < k < 0, f ≥ −M , and M is a positive constant. Our approach relies on the Krasnosel’skii(More)
This paper solves the problem of the excessive memory footprint and the slow speed of parsing when using the DOM method to parse the XML data. As we know the current XML parsing technology is the key of XML research field and now there are a lot of XML parsers, their works plays a significant role in promoting XML parsing, but failed to achieve a good(More)