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Electromyography (EMG) signals are commonly recorded using the Ag/AgCl gel electrodes in myoelectric prosthetic control. While a gelled electrode may provide high-quality EMG recordings, it is inconvenient in clinical application of a myoelectric prosthesis. A novel type of signal sensors-textile electrodes should be ideal in control of myoelectric(More)
Textile electrode is flexible, folding, washable and biocompatible with skin. With these advantages, the textile electrodes should be an ideal alternative for electromyogram (EMG) recordings in clinical applications. In this study, a textile electrode system was used for EMG signal recordings and its usability and performance in classifying different arm(More)
Nanostructured cellulose nanofibrils can form ductile or tough networks that are suitable templates for the creation of materials with functional properties. In this work, a facile method has been developed for the preparation of magnetic hybrid cellulose aerogels. The preparation processes followed by two steps, firstly, preparation of cellulose hydrogel(More)
The hydrophilic property of cellulose is a key limiting factor for its wide application. Here, a novel solution impregnation pathway was developed to increase the hydrophobic properties of cellulose. When compared with the regenerated cellulose (RC), the composite films showed a decrease in water uptake ability towards water vapor, and an increase of the(More)
BACKGROUND 'Laba' garlic is usually processed by soaking garlic in vinegar for more than 1 week during winter. It is popular for its unique green colour and tasty flavour. Greening is desirable and required for this product as its characteristic. Dense phase carbon dioxide (DPCD) had a significant effect on the greening of intact garlic (Allium sativum L.)(More)
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