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This study aimed to analyze the correlation between the phenotype and genotype of Chinese patients with early-onset lamin A (LMNA)-related muscular dystrophy (MD). The clinical and myopathological data of 21 Chinese pediatric patients with early-onset LMNA-related MD were collected and analyzed. LMNA gene mutation analysis was performed by direct sequencing(More)
Peripheral nerve injury repair can be enhanced by Schwann cell (SC) transplantation, but clinical applications are limited by the lack of a cell source. Thus, alternative systems for generating SCs are desired. Herein, we found the peripheral blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells (PBMSCs) could be induced into SC like cells with expressing SC-specific(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze clinical features and genetic mutations in a Chinese family affected with autosomal dominant caveolinopathies. METHODS Clinical data of the proband and her family members were collected. Genomic DNA was extracted from peripheral blood samples with a standard procedure. Next generation sequencing was carried out for the proband, and(More)
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