Danasingh Asir Antony Gnana Singh

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Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) is widely used in image and video compression standards. This paper presents low-power co-ordinate rotation digital computer (CORDIC) based reconfigurable architecture for discrete cosine transform (DCT). All the computations in DCT are not equally important in generating the frequency domain output. Considering the important(More)
This paper presents a pragmatic study on feature subset selection evaluators. In data mining, dimensionality reduction in data preprocessing plays a vital role for improving the performance of the machine learning algorithms. Many techniques have been proposed by researchers to achieve dimensionality reduction. Beside the contribution of feature subset(More)
Mobile Ad hoc networks are a class of dynamic networks without any centralized administration. A major problem in Mobile Ad hoc networks (MANETs) is the anonymity threat arises among the nodes usually when they mobile. Many researches are concentred on the part of avoiding anonymity threat in MANET with different approaches using simulators. This paper(More)
Speckle noise is a multiplicative type of noise commonly seen in medical and remote sensing images. It gives a granular appearance that degrades the quality of the recorded images. These speckle noise components need to be mitigated before the image is used for further processing and analysis. This paper presents a novel approach for removing granular(More)
Reliability, lack of error, and security are important improvements to quality of service. Outlier detection is a process of detecting the erroneous parts or abnormal objects in defined populations, and can contribute to secured and error-free services. Outlier detection approaches can be categorized into four types: statistic-based, unsupervised,(More)
Software fault detection is the process of analyzing the software for identifying the errors before it is being deployed to the customer. The classifier is employed to perform the software fault detection. Therefore, the accuracy of the software fault detection highly depends on the classifier which is employed in fault detection. Developing the classifier(More)
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