Danail Petrov

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Upper cervical spine injuries are commonly associated with trauma and require significant forces to produce. When these injuries occur they can have devastating functional consequences. The distinctive anatomy of the upper cervical spine leads injuries to occur in predictable patterns. Injuries can occur to the unique osseus structures or ligamentous(More)
Lung cancer is a serious health problem, since it is one of the leading causes for death worldwide. MolecularÀcytogenetic studies could provide reliable data about genetic alterations which could be related to disease pathogenesis and be used for better prognosis and treatment strategies. We performed whole genome oligonucleotide microarray-based(More)
OBJECTIVE The early detection of NSCLC is of importance because it provides chances for better outcomes. The aim of the study was to explore the clinical utility of EGFR and hTERT mRNA expression as markers for diagnosis of NSCLC. METHODS EGFR and hTERT mRNA were quantified by quantative reverse transcription real time polymerase chain reaction in plasma(More)
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