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Traces of Portuguese in Afro-Yungueño Spanish?
This article sheds new light on the history of Afro-Yungueno Spanish (AY), an isolated variety of Spanish spoken by descendants of slaves in the Bolivian Yungas valleys, and examines the possibilityExpand
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Language Shift in New Australia
This chapter describes the process of language shift in detail. Following Giles et al.’s (Language, Ethnicity, and Intergroup Relations. Academic Press, London, pp. 307–348, 1977) conceptualExpand
On the relevance of voice quality in contact varieties: Non-modal phonation type in Afro-Yungueño Spanish
Abstract This paper focuses on the role of voice quality variation in the system of a contact language, Afro-Yungueno Spanish, a restructured variety of Spanish spoken in the Bolivian Yungas valleys.Expand
Off to New Australia
This chapter explains the beginnings of the New Australia movement and the motivation behind it. It begins with a description of the selection of ideal candidates, which was highly structured andExpand
The Role of English in Nueva Australia Today
This chapter looks at the use of languages among the younger generations today. English still plays a role among the descendants of New Australia today, though it is relevant to understand whetherExpand
Concluding Remarks and Outlook
The concluding chapter recontextualizes the lessons learned from the New Australian experiment by looking at the degree to which this case of language shift is extraordinary, as well as at theExpand